Monday, 23 April 2012

A Red Day - Tell Me

'A Red Day' performed at Fun-A-Day Dundee

On Friday the 24th of February I had the pleasure of performing with some fellow artists in a piece I titled A Red Day. The inspiration for the piece came from the fairytale the Red Shoes. I was particularly interested in the idea of woman's desire as being so powerful it is all consuming. The first performer applies some red lipstick and she cannot stop the dirty words spilling out her mouth, the second is drawn to a set of red gloves that end up squeezing and pulling at her hair and body, the third seems trapped in a nightmare as her feet just keep tapping away in sparkling red shoes. All the while a violin is played to highlight their experiences.

 It was showcased at Dundee's first ever Fun-A-Day exhibition and was a great experience. Our audience were caught between discomfort and laughter, exactly what I had hoped for. It was a short performance which I then picked my favourite elements of and morphed in to a film called Tell Me.

I kept the motif of the red lipstick and the word spilling but this time it was four different women wearing red and speaking their minds. It is not completely clear what each individual is talking about but the subtle facial movements and tones do reveal an over all sentiment. The film is playful and I hope provides a few gawps and chuckles.


This is the final piece which I titled 'Tell Me'.

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