Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dressing Up

For this film I wanted to explore ideas about veiling in connection with make up and jewellery. I love to dress up, and I collect many pretty shiny things. However, they often end up as decoration for the house rather than my body. I often visualyse the fancy parties I would wear them to or what kind of character I would like to be for that night. I am continuing the veiling theme in my work and adding this notion of covering or masking with make up and adornments. This film takes this idea to is furthest point, as I cover myself with every piece of jewellery and decoration that I own, meanwhile singing Keep Young and Beautiful which I find personally a particularly haunting song and if you pay attention to the lyrics its also rather cruel.

I'm including the link to the original version of the song just so you can get an idea of what spurred me on:-

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