Monday, 16 April 2012

The Pond Stills


The Pond started off as an idea for a short performance. I have a small pond in my garden and I spend a lot of time there, thinking, dreaming, singing away to myself. I maintain it by scooping out the algae and keeping it clean and healthy for frogs and plant life. Yet for the past two years the frog spawn keeps disappearing. This bothered me more than it probably should have, something had come and stolen or eaten them. I wanted to explore this idea of the little pond, its capacity for life and other mysteries. My performance artist Ladina was more than happy to get her hands dirty and experience some of my frantic despair searching through the pond for traces of life.

These are some shots from the film, photographed by Ana Molina Lopez and performed by Ladina Zimmermann. The film is still in the editing process and I will feature it later.

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