Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Engendering Dialogue II: Seeing Things Differently 30/31 March 2012


Engendering Dialogues was a recent conference I had the pleasure of attending as well as being the photographer. It took place at the DCA in Dundee for two days. Full of interesting and inspiring talks from writers and thinkers such as Christine Battersby, Tina Chanter and Kerstin Mey and an excellent exhibition from artists Beth Fisher, Ingrid Pollard and Gina Wall.

The aim of the conference was to bring together talented women from the differing fields of art and philosophy and see what new and interesting things they had to say. The two days covered topics from obscenity, architecture, the f-word, mother/daughter twinning, self and Other, as well as rethinking the female body in art. It was a great success and my only complaint would be that we simply didn't have long enough to explore all of those ideas in two days. We are not quite super-women yet! 

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